Far-Flung Friends

Amsterdam Centre

A friend of mine from one of the websites I’ve been involved with for years has been living in the UK for a few years now. She’s soon returning to the US, though, but has been making the most of her proximity to Europe to squeeze in a few more trips. This past weekend, she was in Amsterdam, and I got a chance to meet up with her for lunch.

This was my first trip to Amsterdam (I’m not counting flying into Schipol and driving to Utrecht), although I didn’t see much more of the city this time, either. But that’s ok, because my main goal was just to meet up with my friend. We took the train up, which was easy peasy; the ride is at most half an hour, if not shorter. Going from my apartment in Queens down to Union Square in Manhattan usually took longer.

Jenny was there with her husband and baby daughter and we all met up at Haarlemerstraat and Prinsengracht before finding a little restaurant where we could eat outside and enjoy the changing weather. In the time that we were there, it drizzled, the sun came out and then it got quite chilly. Dutch weather is never boring.

Admittedly, I only saw a tiny portion of the city and most of what I saw was mainly for the tourists, but I couldn’t help but think that — for now — I prefer Utrecht, specifically because it is a bit smaller. It’s accessible. And has fewer tourists.

Hey! I have a stamp in my passport! I’m not a tourist! 😉

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