Legal Immigrant

We had our appointment in Hoofddorp today to visit IND, the immigration offices. We took the train up, since it’s close to Amsterdam (only one or two stops after the Schipol stop), and ended up being about an hour early for our appointment. Ah, the joys of having to follow a train schedule. Not to mention, the building truly is right outside the train station. There’s absolutely no missing it.

After having a saulcijzbroodje (basically a sausage pasty that was quite nice) from the little shop at the station, we headed in to the building to await our turn. The building was pleasant and clean and comfortable, so the wait wasn’t that bad. We even saw the man we’d seen at the Utrecht office who had explained everything to us. He had mentioned that he worked in the Amsterdam office and was just filling in that day in Utrecht. And for whatever reason, they don’t do the stamps we needed in Utrecht, thus our trip to Hoofddorp.

The woman we met with was pleasant as everyone else has been and the whole process was painless and simple. Giovanni got his stamp put into his passport, and thus made it possible for me to then apply. I also got a stamp in my passport that is good for six months. Sometime in the next six months, my application for residency should most likely be approved (there’s no real reason why it shouldn’t be) and then I will have to go back to get my official residency permit. But I’m still legal for now.

We might celebrate tonight with some herring and onions.

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