De Grote Gele Bank

 De Grote Gele Bank

Our sofa finally arrived yesterday. Unfortunately, the whole not-being-able-to-breathe thing meant that it didn’t get put together properly until today. But today it is done! And comfy! Luna has settled in quite happily. She hasn’t moved since I took that photo half an hour ago.

Tomorrow we go to Hema to buy some orange paint to use as an accent wall behind the sofa. I picked up some paint cards when I was there last week, just for the hell of it, and we ended up finding the perfect shade of orange. After that, we’ll have to choose the right photo of each of the animals to convert to black and white and get enlarged and framed to hang over the sofa. The orange wall with large black and white photos was inspired by a wall in the real estate agent’s office. It was quite striking, and just what G and I like.

We’ve found a ceiling lamp for the living room, but might hold off for a while on that, since we won’t need it until August at the earliest. It’s never dark enough to need it, and we’ve got the kitchen light to guide us if need be. We’re still in search of a coffee table (salontafel). We saw one we really liked at IKEA, but unfortunately, it didn’t come in the blond wood we want to use, so our search continues. We have a tv/stereo cabinet for now, but it’s not quite what either of us was really imagining, so we’re going to keep looking and if we find something else, the one we have now will end up moving into the kitchen as extra counter/storage space.

The house is slowly coming together. Right now the living room and kitchen are filled with the boxes we shipped over. I’ll be spending the next few days sorting slowly through them and trying to find a spot for everything. Perhaps I’ll be making use of the new trash can we bought today.

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