Witches and Walks

Friday evening turned into an enjoyable night out with friends, where we met new people and learned a few interesting facts. After dinner, we went over to Café Potdeksel, as we do, and met up with René and a few other regulars; Merian joined us later. We also met a good friend of René’s and proceeded to have an entertaining evening discussing religion, politics and witchcraft, among other topics. Seemingly iffy topics of conversation, but ultimately fun and light-hearted.

R and M were telling us about a festival of sorts they were going to in their new village on Saturday. It seems that there were official weigh stations for witches a few centuries ago, but the one in their new village had a reputation of being honest and fair. If you were accused of being a witch, that was the weigh place you wanted to go to; as long as you had the proper height to weight ratio, you were given an official form stating that you were definitely not a witch. I think it was good for life. Many people running similar scales in other cities could be bribed to say that someone was a witch, but this particular town was honest and, in fact, never actually accused someone of not weighing enough and thus being a witch. (The idea was that witches must weigh very little in order to ride on their brooms.)

The scales are still there, and I gather you can still get weighed and receive your official paper stating you are not a witch, although it’s purely entertainment-driven now.

Oh, and yes, the requisite Monty Python jokes were made and appreciated during the conversation.

Saturday was a quiet, rainy, lazy day. Today has been a quiet, lazy day, as well, although the weather is nicer. We took Pippo for a walk along some of the canals this afternoon and enjoyed a bit of the music being played at one of the park areas. It was all very gezellig.

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