Random Bits

  • Found in a Dutch News newsletter I receive:
    The police were in 21 shooting
    incidents last year, compared
    with 14 in 2006, according to
    the state police force’s annual
    report …
    Despite the increase, those are mind-bogglingly small numbers when you think about it in US terms.
  • The weather is beautiful today — maybe around 70F with almost no humidity and the sun is shining. We’re feeling social, so we’re going to go out for dinner and then head over to Café Potdeksel to meet up with friends. We can’t decide if we want to go to the Irish pub for fish and chips or to Luden, which has outside seating and bitterballen.
  • We put together the second wardrobe today, but because there’s nothing straight or level in our bedroom, including the floor, we’re having difficulties getting the two cabinets to align properly. We have to choose between gaps or noticeably uneven doors. We decided to wait until tomorrow to make the final decision.
  • Pippo confirmed that he’s spoiled rotten. We took him out and ended up meeting two other dogs and their owners. All was going well, with much sniffing and tail wagging, until one of the dogs decided to come lick my hand and get some head rubs from me. Pippo seemed to get jealous that I was giving attention to another dog and he proceeded to stick his head under the other dog and nearly flip him. Then he started barking. *sigh* I’m both flattered and embarrassed. Fortunately, the other dog’s owner didn’t get upset about it. Handy, since she lives nearby and I see them both passing our house daily. The other dog owner wasn’t perturbed by Pippo’s bad behavior and continued to fuss and gush over how mooi (pretty) and soft he is and how cute his cheeks are. The ladies love Pippo.
  • You can buy individual packets of Wassa crackers with cream cheese already spread between the crackers. They’re surprisingly tasty.
  • Prepackaged fresh vegetable mixes are quite common here and come in a variety of combinations. My current favorite is the Indiase (Indian) mix, which is a mix of leeks, yellow bell peppers, string beans, bean sprouts and red onion. It’s tasty on its own, but is also fantastic when mixed with the shoarma-seasoned meat and a few boiled potatoes. Leeks seem to be a common element of a lot of the vegetable mixes — or maybe just the ones I keep buying!
  • There’s a sign hanging in Café Potdeksel that comes from Kirkcolm. It turns out a Rangers fan (from Kirkcolm) was visiting Utrecht and felt so welcome at the bar that he ended up sending them the sign when he returned home.

3 thoughts on “Random Bits

  1. Yes! You musty visit! It’s a shame it’s such a hassle to get “passports” for pets. I bet Buster and Gus would have a fun time here, too!

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