… Is Ingewilligd.

… is granted.

Those were the important words I was looking for just now when I saw that a letter had arrived for me from IND (immigration). My request for legal residency here has been granted. Yay! I still have to go get the stamp/document, but that will come at some date in the future. They’ll send me another letter with the date and time for me to go pick up the stuff. (I’m guessing that horrid picture of me that had to be submitted with my application will be used on my ID document. *shudder*)

Also, I can’t tell you how happy I am to be living in an age when I can go online to the Google translation page and type in the information to be translated and have an immediate (although literal) translation. I got the gist of the letter. The letter, of course, was in Dutch and my Dutch isn’t up to it, especially when you consider the super long words they create by combining words. Gemeenschapsonderdaan, for example. It roughly translates to Community citizen. Of course, even Google couldn’t handle Tewerkstellingsvergunning, but as it’s not required, I’m not worried about it.

So, this means in five years I can apply for citizenship if I want. Let’s see who and how the next president of the US is. 😉

4 thoughts on “… Is Ingewilligd.

  1. Congratulations! The immigration process sounds wonderful. My 2-year conditional green card just expired and they automatically renewed it for another year because there is such a backlog.

    We are driving to Jacksonville (blech) on Monday to get my biometrics done. I had them done last year, so I’m not quite understanding the need to have them done again.

    My tax dollar at work…

  2. It has been ridiculously easy — and cheap — so far, but solely because G is from an EU country. If he weren’t, it would be much more complicated and expensive. It would actually be much more complicated and expensive if he were Dutch, too. I guess it’s a built-in penalty of sorts for Dutch people not choosing Dutch partners.

    Good luck with the trip on Monday. Hopefully, it’s over quickly and easily with a minimum of bureaucratic fuss. But yay for automatic renewal!

  3. Hey A!
    Can I be your google? Tewerkstellingsvergunning would be your ‘vergunning’ (you being allowed to) for ‘tewerkstelling’ (being employed). So it has something to do with you having a regular Dutch job. I’d have to know the sentence to figure out the details about it though…

    Speaking of employment, I’ll try and contact my network this week about translating PhD-thesises so I can maybe provide you with some useful connections by saturday.

  4. I can’t remember exact context of the tewerkstelling bit now, but they did say when I first applied that I could begin work right away when I got my initial temporary stamp for residency.

    Any help on figuring out how to start with the editing/proofing side would be a massive help and greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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