Goede Dag

Row House

Today has been one of those perfect days that just make you smile. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, people are out and about enjoying the break in the cold and the rain. A perfect day for photos.

This morning, Pippo and I went out for a walk as an excuse for me to try and get some photos of the buildings seen in the picture here. I see them every day when I take Pippo out, because they’re across the canal from the spot Pippo likes to do his business. There’s something charming about them, particularly when seen from the street side (the far left bit, aka the short bit). There’s something so European about them, I guess, at least from my perspective. I never did get a photo of them from the angle I wanted — there were big dogs in the area both times we went past, and I figured I’d never be able to take my eye off Pippo long enough to get the shot. Another excuse to go another time, though!

I’ve got many more photos to get uploaded from our wanderings, so you’ll have to keep checking back. We had an amusing run-in with the neighborhood cat. Pippo couldn’t be bothered by that point, but the cat wasn’t taking any chances. He’s not always as placid as he was today, so I don’t blame her for being wary.

This afternoon, G and I went for a walk down Nachtengaalstraat (Nightingale Street) to pick up ingredients for dinner tonight. We stopped by a wine shop we’d visited before, in order to get some prosecco to accompany dinner. They sell one that’s not as sweet as the one at the grocery store. We also stopped in a few odds-and-ends shops that were fun to explore. We found some orange terracotta dishes that we were quite taken with, even if they weren’t square. 😉 We may go back and get some eventually.

We also stopped in at Fishes, the lovely fish shop of which we’ve become quite fond. The people working there are friendly they have some great seafood. G’s making pasta a vongole tonight. It turns out that the little clams they sell actually do come from Italy. Meanwhile, from what I understood, the same kinds of clams, called cockles in Dutch, are caught here and then exported to Italy. The allure of the exotic, I guess.

I took a few photos outside while G was getting the fish, because I couldn’t resist getting a shot of the hairdressers with their chairs outside, cutting people’s hair while enjoying the nice weather. Carpe Diem!

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