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We’re having R & M (the former house owners) over for dinner tomorrow night. G’s making his famous lasagna, which I’m looking forward to devouring! Unfortunately, the house isn’t quite as finished as I would have liked, but I guess we’ve done ok for having started from scratch two months ago. Maybe we can invite them back for dinner in the winter when things should hopefully be a bit more finished. M saw the downstairs part of the house a couple of weeks ago and was commenting on how strange it was to see the slight changes in what used to be her home. She likes the orange wall, though. I’m sure the bedroom will seem a bit different to them, as well. We have somewhat similar tastes, so at least it’s not a drastic shock for them.

As we only have the sofa and no coffee table (salontafel) or even other chairs except for the dining room chairs in the living room, we (I) figured now would be a good time to get a bistro table and at least another chair for the upstairs terrace. (The photo above shows the view from said terrace.) I know they used the terrace quite a bit, so it made sense that after dinner, we could all retire up to the terrace for after dinner drinks. We have two folding plastic chairs from IKEA, but we needed more, obviously. On the plus side, it’s the end of the summer season and there are lots of sales. On the downside, the good stuff is already gone. We headed over to Hema today to get a table, some chairs and a pan for the lasagna. We found a table, but we ended up getting only one chair. We’ll have to make do with G’s office chair to make up the numbers tomorrow night. We weren’t sure we were going to find a lasagna pan, either. They had one Pyrex-type dish, but it was a fair bit smaller than what we used to use. Just as we were planning on trekking over to one of the chi-chi kitchen supply stores, we saw a metal baking pan that is about the right size. We should also be able to use it to cook holiday birds, so it should turn out to be quite useful.

As we were walking down Steenweg street today, we found a small shop that sells British and American foods! It’s not a big selection and a lot of it is Duncan Heinz cake mix and such, but they have Ranch dressing, instant grits and liquid smoke. Still no Chipotle Tabasco, though, just the regular and the green one. My hunt continues.

Tomorrow should be a full day. I’d like to stop by the lapjesmarkt (fabric market) tomorrow morning to pick up some of the cotton canvas I saw last week. We also need to stop by one of the butcher shops and get the ground meats for the ragú for the lasagna. We also need to stop by the regular grocery store for all of the other ingredients, and we need to get the wine. We also should stop by the pet store and get dog food and cat litter. Vacuuming and general tidying up will also need to be done. I’m almost relieved that I won’t have to do the cooking tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Dinner Plans

  1. …and great lasagna it was! Good food, wine & company – what more could a person wish for?

    Thanks again for a very nice evening! 🙂

  2. You found it! I’m glad you had a good time; we had a wonderful evening. Thanks again for the flowers and the “witches brew”.

  3. Yep, we found it allright. After reading your entire blog *with the occasional blushes at our being mentioned (feeling sort of famous now)* and leaving my tuppence here and there I’m fully up to speed.

    The lasagna was much anticipated – G had been announcing it ever since we transferred the house – and indeed very lekker! At least now I can finally pride myself in saying that I know what a true Bolognan lasagna tastes like.

    I had a great time and I have to say I truly envy the bedroom. I wish I would have put in a little more effort back in our days. It really looks cosy and luxurious not to mention much larger than it ever did for us (is your bed perhaps smaller than ours?) 😉

    Well, I’m looking forward to entertaining you in our house the oncoming weekend. At least I won’t have to surpress the urge to get up and get you drinks cause then you really will be in *my* house…

  4. I can only imagine how strange it must be to return to your former home as simply a guest. I’m glad you liked the bedroom changes. I don’t think our bed is too much smaller. 😉 Knowing we’d have to fit Pippo and the two cats in as well, we went for one of the biggest sizes we could get. I can’t wait to see your new place and to meet Bob and Dylan finally!

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