A Walk in the Park

The weather was lovely and Pippo was whining, so we all headed out for a walk this afternoon. Rather than our usual southerly stroll, we decided to head north for a change. After a first stop at the honden toilet, we set out along Wittevrouwensingel and meandered along the canal. As soon as Pippo realized we were going in a new direction, his excitement became palpable, as his steps suddenly quickened. Eventually, we looped around and came across Griftpark. We hadn’t been there before, so we decided to take a walk through. It’s quite lovely, especially once you get further back past the skateboard basin.

Many people seemed to have the same idea. The park was filled with parents and nannies with their young charges playing the grass and feeding the duckies. We felt right at home with our own furry kid! Pippo was particularly well-behaved, ignoring the duckies (as usual) and not even paying attention to the young children and the occasional dog. When we reached the area where they have some goats and sheep, he didn’t seem to think much of them, one way or the other. In fact, the sheep seemed more curious about him!

If the weather is still as nice, I plan on going back again tomorrow or sometime this week and taking my camera. I’d liked to walk back via Kapelstraat, too; it was a charming little residential street.

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