Little Shop of Joys

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The picture has nothing to do with the post, other than the fact that this is what stuff looked like yesterday. Today it’s raining.

Because it is raining, and we still only have one umbrella, we decided to see if we could get the makings for dinner at the little shop at the end of the street, rather than trudge over to Albert Heijn. G has been there before, but for whatever reason, I’d yet to go in. Such a shame! It’s a great little shop with all sorts of food and cleaning items. In some ways, it has a much better selection than AH. Most of it is canned, bottled or boxed, but they do have some lovely fresh fruit and veg, too.

In the end, we decided on a fun dinner of cheese and paté and some red wine. G had a big order from a new client and tomorrow is our seventh anniversary. Why not celebrate?!

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