Market Day

Fruit Stand

The other week, during my first trip to the farmer’s market, I had seen some lovely looking shrimp. I’ve had shrimp on the brain ever since, and today I decided to head back over and get some for dinner tonight. I talked G into going with me, and we soon headed out.

After a quick stop at Pippos for some paint and a brayer, we headed over to the farmer’s market. There’s a lot more for sale there than just fresh produce; there’s clothing and all sorts of odds and ends, as well as fish and meat and cheese and bread and stroopwaffels … Our first stop was the fish monger, where we picked up the shrimp. Next was the fruit stand pictured above. Then one of the stands with dried fruits, nuts and all sorts of olives. One of the men working there gave us each a feta-stuffed fig to try, which was absolutely delicious! We ended up buying some of the feta-stuffed olives, which are addictive. I wish we’d bought more, because I think we’ll go through the ones we have very quickly.

After that, we headed through the clothing and hair gel and other odds and ends and ended up right in front of the organic goat cheese stand. They had samples. Not surprisingly, we ended up buying some cheese. We got the garlic basil goat cheese. It’s a firm cheese, more like a gouda than the usual creamier goat cheese. There was a woman there buying some cheese who said she can’t pass the place without buying some of their cheese. I completely understand. They have a blue-veined cheese that we’ll be trying next week.

Around the corner, we ended up buying some Turkish bread from one of the bread stands, and then we came to a baked-goods stand. They had chocolate cake. We actually haven’t seen a lot of chocolate cake here. G was overwhelmed. The way I react over Caravaggio paintings or Alberti churches is similar to G’s reaction to that cake. 😉 Fortunately, they sold it by the slice, so we have two slices to look forward to, as well.

All in all, a tasty outing!

2 thoughts on “Market Day

  1. I love all of the different markets we have here. Besides the food one, there’s the flower market and the fabric market held on Saturdays, and I think there are a few others that I haven’t checked out yet.

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