Grote Hond

Pippo saw his first horses up close today. I just took him out for his evening toilet run and two police horses went “off-road” and ended up walking through a bit of the honden toilet just as we got there. Pippo didn’t seem to know what to make of these really big dogs! For once, he didn’t even bark or growl, although he did rear up a bit as I tried to hold him back as they passed us. I figured it would be better if he didn’t look like his usual psycho self in front of the police.

He kept his eye on them until they turned the corner and then proceeded to do his best scent-hound impersonation, sniffing their track like the world’s most dedicated police dog. Even after I tried to drag him away to another spot well beyond where the horses had been, he couldn’t get that scent out of his nose and kept dragging me back to where they’d been.

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