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Look at what I found today! Happy joyous day!

I’ve been to the outdoor market on a Friday and on a Sunday, but I’d never been on a Saturday. Turns out Saturday is the best day of all. So much lovely stuff! I found one veggie stall that had all sorts of lovely things, including a box full of okra. I almost squealed with glee!

They had the butternut squash there, too. I’d seen that once in Albert Heijn, the major grocery store, but didn’t buy it that day and haven’t seen it since. Of course, when I stopped in at the little market at the end of our street, they had butternut squash today. Oh well. I’m just happy to have okra and not have to go all the way to Amsterdam for it. I had some of it tonight with dinner and am making a veggie stew with it tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Okra!

  1. Now if only I could track down some black-eyed peas. I need them for my hoppin john! I’m also on the lookout for grits. Polenta will do in a pinch, but it’s just not the same.

  2. You mentioned finding it in Amsterdam to me on livejournal, and I thought I was going to have to start taking trips there to get some, but fortunately, I checked our outdoor market first. Much cheaper when you don’t have to add in a train ticket!

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