One of the Chinese markets over by Hoog Catharijne (on Achter Clarenburg, next to Blokker and Xenos) had not only the baking soda (Arm & Hammer, no less!), but they also had black-eye peas! I didn’t see the Karo (or any other light corn syrup) there, so I still had to go to the British food store. I’m glad I didn’t just go there and buy the baking soda, as it was twice the price, as was the Crisco. I suspect I’ll be stopping in at that Chinese market often enough when I go to the outdoor market that’s right there at Vredenburg. It’s like Southern food mecca in that area!

Cornbread is in the oven baking for Thursday’s cornbread dressing and I’m hoping to get at least the pecan pie made today, although I forgot to buy eggs, so I’ll have to go out again to get them if I want to make either of the pies today. At least I only have to go to the end of the street to get the eggs.

Unrelated to food, I also finally bought a pair of black shoes — and for only ā‚¬18. Despite what some may think, I’ve been in need of a good pair of mid-heel black shoes.

2 thoughts on “Success!

  1. O dear!
    Reading about all your preparations makes me totally red in the face. I’m so so sorry we won’t be able to make it this thanksgiving!!! You have done so much already…

  2. Willianne and Edmaar are still coming and I probably would have wanted to do it all anyway, even if it was just Giovanni and me, so don’t worry at all. I certainly wish you both could be here, but I fully understand and wish you all good news on dad’s health. Trust me, none of the food will go to waste. šŸ˜‰

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