Shaky Camera

Fields of Flowers
Spring is in the air and the bloemen are blooming. I figured with the sun shining today, I might as well take Pippo, the camera, and myself out for some fresh air and fun. Sadly, the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Be careful what you wish for. And other proverbs and quotes.

What should have been a lovely outing left me a bit shaken. We headed over to the honden toilet area, since the area is covered with lovely flower blooms and I wanted to get a few shots. We calmly meandered around the area, stopping for shots here and there, happily minding our own business. We had moved halfway down the area, just before heading up the slight hill next to the theater. I knew there were a few other people in the area, including a man with a young child and two small terrier dogs. We were far enough away that I wasn’t too concerned at that point.

Of course, Pippo saw the dogs and decided to drop to the ground and watch them. I didn’t want to deal with that, so I pulled him up and grabbed his harness to try and maneuver him up the hill and hopefully leave the other dogs out of sight. Of course, at this point, the two dogs saw us and came running. I held Pippo tight and he was actually fairly calm, even when one of the other dogs started to yap at him. His only reaction was to wag his tail happily.  I heard the owner, an older gentleman, yelling, but I thought he was yelling at his dogs to get them to go back to him. I had my bad turned slightly, so I wasn’t really looking at him at first, since I was trying to keep an eye on the dogs to make sure they weren’t going to lunge at Pippo.

When I did finally look up at the guy as he was approaching, I realized that he seemed to be yelling at me! He was scowling and gesturing as if I had done something awful and should leave! May I remind you that my dog, although big, was on a lead and I was holding him firmly in place. My dog was also relatively calm and quiet. This man’s two dogs, on the other hand, were both off lead and had come running up to us and had barked at us. I’m clueless as to what horrible thing I did to deserve the reaction I received.

I’m not even positive he was speaking Dutch, and as he seemed to be walking away, I held my ground and stood still while he walked away.  I was feeling a bit shaken up, as I don’t like confrontation, especially when I don’t know what I’m being accused of, but I pulled out the camera and took a few more shots of the flowers, including the one above. I think any blurring in the shots was down to accidentally focusing on the wrong area, rather than shaky hands.

I thought the man had left, but eventually I realized he was on the other side of the hill down by the theater and seemed to be waiting for me to leave. At that point, I was pissed off and annoyed and wasn’t much in the mood to continue on, so we turned around and came home. The guy is an idiot obviously, as we were doing nothing wrong.  He might have issues with big dogs, but that’s his problem, not mine. Pippo was leashed and under control at all times. If you don’t like big dogs, keep your little dogs and child away from them. It’s a big enough area that we were no threat. Bah! What a lousy ending to an otherwise lovely afternoon.

4 thoughts on “Shaky Camera

  1. First let me say how much I enjoy your blog!

    I can’t even remember how I stumbled upon it, but it was back when you were looking for black-eyed peas to uphold that fine southern New Year’s tradition. I wanted to tip you off to the “toko” in town that sells the canned variety and also mention that some “natuurwinkels” sell them dried. But for some reason I didn’t! I was happy to read that you found them at the Asian store.

    I have to comment on today’s post, though: as annoying and baffling as the park confrontation was, like it or not you have gone through yet another unofficial rite of passage here. A friend of mine in Amsterdam was actually yelled at by the owner of an aggressive smallish dog after said dog ran over and bit him without the slightest provocation. Seriously!

    Also, back in 2000 I was nipped by a Jack Russell waiting in line at a bakery and the owner lit into me (luckily I was fluent enough by that point to give it right back). Very unpleasant. Glad that you and Pippo are okay.

    Happy belated birthday, mine’s tomorrow and I am drooling over the cake you baked last week.

    And finally, something I’ve been meaning to ask for many weeks: would you be interesting in a freelance interior decorating project? You really have a flair and my downtown apartment needs help. It’s a rental so no painting or major adjustments allowed, but there is lots of untapped potential. Feel free to e-mail me!

  2. Hi Leslie!

    First off, gefeliciteerd! I hope you’re having a lovely birthday. The weather has certain improved!

    Secondly, I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying my blog, as random as it tends to be. I recently found canned black-eye peas at the little shop at the end of my street, making life even easier! I’m trying to keep a running list in my head of where to find various odds and ends.

    I heard from another friend that some dog owners can be like the one I encountered yesterday or you and your friend encountered. Such strange behavior! I look forward to the day I can argue back, though. 😉 As is often the case, it was Italian that I could recall, not Dutch! Oh well. The experience gave me something to blog about anyway!

    As for the freelance interior decorating, I’d love to do it, since I’m just about out of rooms (and money) in my own home! Of course, our house is almost all IKEA at this point. Handy when you have to start from scratch, but not everyone’s cup of tea. Are you here in Utrecht?

  3. Thanks! I spent my b-day enjoying the amazing weather. Yes, to answer your question I’m in downtown Utrecht, though I spend most weekends in Brabant (LAT-relatie!). Please feel free to drop me an e-mail to discuss a possible interior decorating project. There are lots of great little furniture stores, 2nd hand places and antiekwinkels nearby but mixing in some ikea would be fine, too! Especially because so many pieces in the latter are better suited to small city spaces (unlike all those hulking antique cabinets & tables).

  4. Sorry about the dickhead (sorry for the lack of a more elegant description) really really bumming you out. It’s hard not to let that kind of aggression and unfairness get you down.

    Just know that from the year or so of reading your blog(s), I can tell that you are an exceedingly loving and responsible pet owner. You’re right, whatever it was, it was solely that fella’s problem.

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