Smoke ’em If You Got ’em!

We’ve found our grill, but our search isn’t over. What’s the point of a grill if you can’t smoke some pork ribs? We created a recipe for perfect ribs, but it involves smoking, braising and then open grilling. Labor-intensive, but so worth it!

Oddly enough, when we were looking at the grills here, we saw small grills specifically called smokers. Yet not a wood chip was to be found. How do you smoke if you don’t have wood chips?  Sure, we could skip that step, but we’d rather not! For one thing, that’s when the dry rub goes on. You need that bit of seasoning before moving onto the braising portion of the recipe.

So, I ask all of you out there in the general Netherlands region, where can we find food-grade wood chips for smoking food? Help!

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