Pippo’s Fans

Pippo doesn’t have quite the same volume of people gushing over him here as he did when we lived in Manhattan, but he still gets his share of admirers. Besides his die-hard fan, whom we see on occasion at the Potdeksel and who always asks after him, there’s a woman at the Indonesian restaurant across the street who has admired him and thought he was just the most handsome thing. Lekker ding, I guess!

Today, a couple of stoners shared their appreciation at what a good looking dog he is. I blame it on the drugs. 😉 Still, it gave us a new way to encourage Pippo to eat his kibble. He used to devour his food when we first got him, but now we have to tease and cajole him into eating. We started by telling him that Lola was going to eat his food and it worked, because she would always come and meow at him and rub against him, causing him to think she was going for his food. But then he started growling and getting snippy with her, so we stopped that. We’ve since moved on to saying that random creatures — both real and imaginary — are going to get his food if he doesn’t eat it. Among the culprits have been peacocks, neighborhood dogs, and space monkeys. Today, I told him the stoners were going to eat his food. They’ve got the munchies and they want his kibble!

Much more likely than peacocks. However, those space monkeys …

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