Far-Travelled Trash

Pippo and I went for a nice walk this morning. The sun was shining once again, after four or five days of grumpy weather, so it seemed the perfect time to do a bit of wandering and get a bit of exercise. Pippo, ever the dirty hippie, had to stop and smell every flower, so I figured he might as well wear some of them. Since it’s hard to stick one behind his ear, I had to settle for his harness. Not that it’s the first time he’s had flowers in his collar. See?

While we were out admiring the flowers and the sun-dappled buildings, we saw the inevitable litter. Rarely does litter make me do a double-take, even the little baggies with the pot leaf on them don’t make me look twice any more. But today was different. I saw a Metrocard. A NYC Metrocard! It was like Pippo and I were back in Manhattan going on our long walks through the Village.


4 thoughts on “Far-Travelled Trash

  1. It probably belongs to a careless university student (it’s over by one of the student buildings). I almost never tossed mine, just in case there was still a rides-worth left on them. I probably still have one in my wallet, even though I’ve been out of NY for five years.

  2. After looking at your blog, I would go back and get the thing and send it to you if it weren’t in the doggy toilet area and a bit muddy. 😉

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