Interactive Art

I spent a good chunk of yesterday looking through the website for the Festival an de Werf and found some events that even I, with my limited Dutch, could enjoy. I also found an event with which I was already familiar: Tantôt, aka, the strange robot-type figure I’d seen on Saturday at the bloemenmarkt (flower market). I still wasn’t exactly sure what I would be seeing, based on the description I’d read, but since it was free and nearby at De Neude, I figured why not go.

According to the schedule, Tantôt would be on at 9:30 p.m., so we headed over to see just what exactly Tantôt was. It turned out to be a time-lapse film done to make it appear as if Tantôt is moving on his own — with the occasional bit of transport help — around Utrecht. He starts off in front of the post office there in the Neude, where we were watching the film, moves on to an area that I’m drawing a blank on, then to the bloemenmarkt, and then to one of the canals.

When I realized it was a film that we’d be seeing, I had to laugh when I realized I’d inadvertently become a part of the performance when I’d stopped to take the picture the day before. Of course, I got the picture as they were moving the figure, so depending on how long a pause they made to do the adjustment, I may not actually be in the film. To see the short film for yourself, click here.


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