Bird Watching

Yes, I’m still here, and no I didn’t finish the one-year anniversary posts. Let’s just say life intervened and leave it at that.

So, the picture. No, it’s not — at least not intentionally — a picture of Pippo’s dining bowl and the mess he makes each day with the kibble that goes flying or gets spit out. It’s actually a photo of the blackbird I’ve been watching for the past week or so. If you look closely through the dirty window (dirty thanks to all the rain we’ve had this week) you’ll see the little blackbird with its bright orange beak.

He’s been visiting our achtertuin (back yard) quite regularly, finding snails and various other bits and pieces, most likely to take home for a meal. I’ve been trying to get a decent photo of him, but every time I step into the kitchen to get a picture, he flies off.Β  He doesn’t seem to mind Lola chattering at him, but he doesn’t want his picture taken. Perhaps he’s on the lam or has another bird family somewhere and he doesn’t want to be recognized.

8 thoughts on “Bird Watching

  1. Cat TV is cute πŸ™‚
    Great blog! Thanks for stopping by mine!

    We have two of these black birds in our backyard as well. They are curious and come up to our windows often & look in. But I wonder if they are trying to tell me to refill the birdfeeder I have hanging from a tree πŸ˜‰

  2. I’ve been thinking about adding a bird feeder, but it would definitely have to be downstairs only, and not on the upstairs terrace. I don’t want to taunt the birds with food, only to have them risk life and limb to get it past our two cats!

  3. i really admire the neatness of your blog. wish i can do that with mine but it has ads.

    anyway, i almost miss the bird, its so hidden behind the dusty window. isn’t it nice that in Holland they spoil the birds. I think in every garden, they have a bird food. if those were in my country, it would have been dinner already hehehe.

  4. If it helps any, your blog looks neat for me, because I use Firefox and an ad blocker, so I don\’t see any of the ads.

    I think our little black bird seems to be doing well for himself without a feeder. I guess our snail population keeps him well fed!

  5. Ah that old blackbird. I think at one point his wife and our cats had a terrible encounter, because she died in that same backyard. I’m not sure what happened because I wasn’t there to witness the fact but I doubt my cats were totally innocent.
    Anyway after that the blackbird hated us with a vengeance. Whenever we came into sight he started making a deafening noise. Imagine a heatwave with the very appropriate desire to leave doors and windows open and a bird outside that started to raise hell whenever he caught sight of either cat.
    I generally care very much for blackbirds but for this one I had a waterbottle with one of them caps on it at hand so I could squirt at him whenever he started cussing again…

    Goes to show blackbirds are very able to tell cats apart!

  6. I guess you can’t blame the little guy for the breakdown in blackbird/cat relations! I suspect that may be another good reason to keep Lola out of the downstairs garden. I fear she’d continue the less-than-innocent practices of her predecessors!

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