Grumpy Van Grumperson

The infamous Dutch light. Although in this case, I’m not talking about the quality of the light, rather the timing. It gets light very early here. I woke up this morning and looked at the clock and thought the battery must be going, because it said it was 5:40 or so. Surely, that couldn’t be right. It was much too bright! Then I grabbed my watch to double check, and sure enough, that was the correct time.

I tried to get back to sleep, but it’s warm and humid, as well as bright, so by a few minutes after 6, I gave up and got up. Luna was pretty insistent anyway. Even she was up early!

So now I’m downstairs, where it’s cooler and darker, but still humid. You’d think I’d never left Florida!

2 thoughts on “Grumpy Van Grumperson

  1. I feel for you! It was definitely a humid one yesterday! I had my first evening to take a ‘luke warm’ bath & we slept with only the bedding sheet over us [no blankets]. How long have you lived in the Netherlands? I am still trying to master the techniques of making it cooler inside of the house, but we also have these ‘rolluiken’ [roll-down shutters] over some of our windows to help block out light & keep the room cooler. They work like magic to keep the room dark! But it’s dangerous, if you have a tendency to oversleep. Today, we got up at about 9 AM, but I’ve had times where I slept until noon on the weekend with the rolluiken down.

  2. We’ve been here just over one year now. Fortunately, the downstairs part of the house stays quite cool, but the bedroom does get a bit warm sometimes, since it gets more direct light throughout the day. I suspect if we did try to add something like the rolluiken, we’d end up oversleeping. I noticed that during the winter I slept much later than usual. It’s the other side of the morning light coin; it gets lighter later in the winter. I may end up making some curtains to help, although I don’t mind getting up a bit earlier — just maybe not that early!

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