Taking Up Space

Eddie Izzard has a joke about the Dutch, saying it’s impossible for them to speak four languages: How do they fit them all in their head? Nobody can speak four languages!

Tonight, I felt almost Dutch. We were watching an English-language film, but it was taking place in Italy. One character was speaking Italian, so the Dutch subtitles were overlapping the English-language subtitles that were already built into the film. Since I couldn’t read either the Dutch or the English subtitles, because of the overlapping, I had to rely on my limited knowledge of Italian. Amazingly, I understood the majority of it and didn’t lose part of the plot! I was dealing with three different languages, but still managed to make it through! I’m almost Dutch! (Even if one of the languages isn’t a traditional Dutch language.) Even watching a really bad film can be an adventure.

4 thoughts on “Taking Up Space

  1. This is comical! I love it 🙂
    And way to go for understanding some Italian in it! I’ve seen this before as well & wondered why they didn’t move the subtitles above the English… But then again, we’d not be able to see anything happening in the movie!

  2. I’ve had this happen before as well, but usually they were speaking a language I had no hope of understanding. Very frustrating at times!

  3. ahahaha that’s funny. dont think i ever had an experience like that. wow, you know italian as well. the only italian i know was the commercial which isabella lovingly translated in her blog.

  4. Sadly, I know more Italian than Dutch these days. I took some courses years ago, and I’ve got an Italian boyfriend, so I’ve been exposed to it a lot. I wish the Dutch courses here were cheaper. We both need to take the course, but when multiplied by two, it gets even more expensive. We’re going to have to do it, though, since self-learning isn’t really getting us very far.

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