To the Rescue

Morning Emergency
I awoke this morning to the sound of sirens. At first I thought that it was perhaps the police finally going to intervene in the all-night student party going on nearby (at 7 a.m. I could still hear the remnants of the party). Then a strange, loud noise started up, making it impossible to drift back to sleep. Curious about what was going on, I peer out the window and saw a couple of brandweer (fire department) trucks out in front of Café de Stad!

It didn’t seem to be a raging fire, since things seemed relatively calm and people were standing close to the building. No one was rushing about and there was no smell of smoke in the air. When G took Pippo out about an hour later, the fire trucks were gone and all that was left were a few policemen who had taped off the whole terrace area, stretching from Café de Stad up to Tilt.

I’ll be curious to find out what happened. Hopefully, nothing serious or terribly expensive to repair.

ETA: Well, it must not have been that serious. They’re open for business and all seems back to normal enough.

1 thought on “To the Rescue

  1. What a week! Hopefully you will be blessed with some good rest tonight & a delightfully cooler Sunday morning 😀

    And Happy 4th of July! Make some of your own noise tonight 😉

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