They’re Here

(photo is a detail of the Academiegebouw, one of the original buildings of the university, located next to the cathedral)
It’s that time of year again. The students have returned. Utrecht is the home of the largest university in the Netherlands, which makes us a university town, especially when you consider the relative small size of the city. We also happen to live down the street from one of the fraternity/sorority-type buildings (for lack of a better description). For the next week or so, we’ll be seeing an influx of young people carrying duffel bags and backpacks and sleeping bags (not sure why they have the sleeping bags). I can hear them already. I’m hoping to get another shot like this one:

2 thoughts on “They’re Here

  1. I don’t truly think of myself as old, but when we stopped by last week to watch one of the concerts that the student organization had going on, I did suddenly feel very out of place. Despite the stresses of university life, it was still such a great time!

    It turns out the men in suits were back this morning; I guess they had a second batch to initiate into the organization.

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