Summer Darkness

Last week we headed over to the Domplein to catch some of the Summer Darkness festival, an annual event in which the underground comes above ground for four days. There were various events going on all around town, but we hit up the market and fashion shows taking place at the Domplein on Sunday. It was a great chance to take photos and people-watch. It turns out that a number of other regular posters to the Utrecht Flickr group had the same idea. I even got to match  a couple of faces to user names when I saw the resulting photos the next day.

As I said, it’s an annual event. We noticed the Goth invasion last year and figured it must be some sort of special event, but didn’t know any details. If nothing else, writing for Trippist gives me a bit more insight into some of the things I see around town!

fashion show
Back in Black

Lucky Shot

Press or Performer?

Worlds Collide


2 thoughts on “Summer Darkness

  1. Craaazy! That must have been such a unique experience to see, definitely great for people-watching! Wow, I wish I would’ve known about this, it would’ve been great to make the trip to Utrecht to see!

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