Old Cloth

Between curiosity about the city I’m now living in and research for Trippist, I’m frequently learning new and interesting facts. Today’s discovery is that the lapjesmarkt (fabric market) that I’ve gone to on any number of Saturdays has been there on Breedstraat since 1597. 1597! Caravaggio was alive and painting then!

4 thoughts on “Old Cloth

    • I suspect the building on the right is deceptive in its age — most likely a fair bit younger than it looks — but it does add to the feeling. It’s lovely to think that this is such a long-standing tradition that is still so relevant and useful today.

      Will you be exhibiting at De Utrechtse Fabriek this weekend? I’ve been enjoying your work over on Flickr.

    • It’s every Saturday morning, all year long, rain or shine. It ends around 1 or 2 p.m., though. If you like crafts and unique, handmade items, you should come to Utrecht this Saturday and visit the lapjesmarkt and then head over to Griftpark, where De Utrechtse Fabriek (craft fair) is going on this weekend. There’s a bit more info about it here: http://www.trippist.com/2009/09/get_crafty.html

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