Acht Jaar

Koek & Chocolade
Today marks eight years of samenwonen bliss for G and me. Well, we weren’t officially living together, but after a bit more than a month of dating and getting to know each other, we sort of made it official on this date. Eight years later, I couldn’t be happier.

To celebrate, we decided to grill some steaks. At this point, I should post a photo or video showing the grey skies, strong winds and frequent rain, but it’s too depressing. So we may be broiling some steaks, instead. 😉 We also decided to finally break down and go to Koek & Chocolade, the fancy chocolate store dangerously close to our house. We’ve been able to resist so far, but today really did seem the perfect time to splurge and finally give it a try. I’d had my mind on the strips of candied orange coated in chocolate, and sure enough, they had a huge bowl of them and also had some already bagged up and ready to go. We also got some of the koek met chocolade, aka tubes of thin cake coated in chocolate. It’s a beautiful, elegant store with fantastic displays of the freshly made delights. Certainly a nice way to brighten a rainy day and a perfect way to celebrate!
Fruit & Chocolade

8 thoughts on “Acht Jaar

  1. Congrats! And well celebrated wit steak and chocolate.
    Still one shop left to visit after all this time… 😉

    (hint: sometimes they actually do sell coffee too)

  2. Wow. Eight years. Congratulations. I’m coming up on six. I love that you remarked on how long your fabric market has been there. I was at a choir rehearsal in the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam. That’s been here since 1300 – and it’s our rehearsal space. Love that. Here’s to eight more years!

    • Thanks! It really is great that these fantastically old (certainly by American standards) places are still such a part of everyday life here.

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