Nederlands Film Festival

It’s that time again! The Nederlands Film Festival begins it’s 10-day run tomorrow. As I type, they’re setting up the Golden Calf in front of the Stadsschouwburg over on Lucabolwerk. They’ve had some of the posters up for the past few days, but the Golden Calf wasn’t there and I was worried it had been a one-off thing last year. As I took Pippo out this morning, I was thrilled to see a flash of gold through the trees. Jahoe!

Sadly, no Rutger Hauer this year, at least not publicized; he received a special award last year. That was when I found out he was Dutch. I’d always thought he was German or Scandinavian. How embarrassing! Despite being a fan of his for years, I’d never been sure of his nationality. I blame it on the fact that we couldn’t just Google any celeb we were curious about back in the day, so the reality was I knew next to nothing about Hauer except for the fact that he made some very cool films.

This year, they’re focusing on Dutch filmmakers who have gained some popularity in the international market, but haven’t really been well-known domestically. The title of the theme is The Dutch Angle, a bit of a pun, since that is also a technical term for a particular type of angle or perspective in filming. The Wikipedia entry gives a good example, since it doesn’t make as much sense when just described, at least not to me.

Oh, and for the record, the Golden Calf is the award statuette that is given to the winners on the final night of the festival. Sort of like the Oscar.

Pippo checking out the recently installed film festival set-up at the Neude. He approves the color choices.

6 thoughts on “Nederlands Film Festival

  1. I learned a lot from this! I didn’t even know about the Golden Calf. I also didn’t know Rutger Hauer was Dutch until after I began living in the Netherlands! I remember seeing him in Ladyhawke, wondering while I watched it about 10 years ago on TBS or some other American cable network, “I wonder where he’s from. . . He’s definitely not American or Canadian.” Great actor! And Pippo is cute!

    • Oh good! I’m glad I’m not the only one that didn’t know he was Dutch until moving here! I loved Blade Runner and Ladyhawke and The Hitcher and I’ve seen them numerous times and always did like Rutger Hauer, but didn’t know that much about him.

      You always do such a great job teaching people about things; I’m glad I could return the favor!

      And Pippo is pretty cute. He’s got fans all over the place! 😉

  2. Hi there!
    Utrecht is getting much attention these days thanks to the Film Festival :o) Have you been to see any of the films or to any of the events?
    I also didn’t know Rutger Hauer was Dutch until I came to live in the Netherlands. I wonder how he feels about most people thinking he’s German?
    Thanks for sharing this! Nice blog!!

    • Thanks for visiting! The festival is just starting up today. I’m not sure if we’ll try to go to any of the films this year, since our Dutch is still very much in its infancy. I need to look at the schedule more closely to see if there’s something I want to try. If not, I might at least head over to the Stadsschouwburg for the last night to see the “red carpet” part of the awards evening.

  3. Great piece! I didn’t find out about the Festival until the 30th, so I only made it to one film at the Stadsschouwberg. I thought it was a fantastic experience. Next year, I will make sure I’m there for the whole of it!

    • You did better than I did. I still haven’t been to any of the films. This past week got away from me and I just never got around to doing something about it all. At least living so close to the Stadsschouwburg, I always seem to have plenty of warning for when the festival is coming. Next year I’m determined to go see something.

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