Penguins, Herring & Mayo

herring  burger
I saw this today and laughed. Either Opus is Dutch or the Dutch are existential penguins; both are probably fairly buoyant and quite fond of herring and mayonnaise.

I’ve always been fond of Opus. Maybe my affection for him and his quirks explains why I’ve felt so at home — so gezellig — here in the Netherlands. 😉 If you’re not familiar with Opus and the Bloom County denizens, you can start from the beginning with Bloom County: The Complete Library: Volume 1 (1980-1982), the first of five volumes being released today. I used to cut out the strips from the newspaper each day, but eventually got rid of the shoeboxes full of strips during one of the many moves. I have a few of the books, such as The Night of the Mary Kay Commandos and Tales Too Ticklish To Tell, but I’d love to eventually get these new full volumes.

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