Music With a Kiwi Flavor

If you live in Amsterdam or Utrecht, or anywhere remotely near the two, go see Ryan Prebble this week and next. He’s a fantastic musician from New Zealand, playing a blend of blues, funk and experimental. I’m definitely going to see him next Wednesday here in Utrecht when he plays U Rock! Café, and I might look into going to Amsterdam this weekend to catch one of the shows. He’s playing this Thursday at Bitterzoet, Saturday at Winston Kingdom, and Sunday at Blijberg. If you even remotely like what you hear of his music on his MySpace page, or in the video below, go see him. Support the arts!

2 thoughts on “Music With a Kiwi Flavor

  1. Sounds good!! I’ve saved the video on my favourites @ YouTube.
    I can’t go, though – for this is the last weekend I’m spending in Holland (I’m going to Argentina for a holiday) and I have a lot to do!
    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully he’ll be back someday. Have a wonderful time back in Argentina and good luck with all the last-minute preparations!

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