Eye Spy

Founded in 1040, with various renovations and rebuildings over the years, it started off as a Romanesque building, but has had Gothic and other architectural style additions and repairs made over the years. The facade was rebuilt around 1682. It became a Reform Church in 1656 and housed part of the Utrecht University library in the choir until 1821. It served as barracks for Russian and Prussian soldiers after the French occupation in the early 19th century. It now serves as an exhibit hall, and can be rented out for conferences, symposiums, receptions, weddings and more. Sunday mornings, an ecumenical service is held for students.

4 thoughts on “Eye Spy

  1. One thing that amazed me when I first came to Holland, was to find that old churches in many cases were used as exhibition halls or even party halls in many cases. Coming from a Catholic country (in name, at least) this was new to me. I suppose that here in Europe in general, there are enough churches for regular worshippers so they have to find some other use for these beautiful old buildings?

    • It’s kind of strange to me, too. I’m used to separate halls on church grounds being used, but not the main church itself. But yes, when you’ve got so many, I guess you might as well put them to some more use! This church was used for the World Press Photo exhibit that I went to earlier in the year.

    • Ah, the Broerenkerk is where they used to hold the Zwolle Culinair, but this year it’s moved to a new location to provide more room.

      I have such random knowledge of the Netherlands. 😉

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