Time Trials

We had the fall time change last night, so now my body thinks it’s a quarter after six, but the clock says a quarter after five. Add in the long walk through the gardens and grounds of Kasteel De Haar (a real, honest to goodness castle!), and the result is that I’m both tired and hungry (and glad that G is making dinner tonight).

More to come tomorrow (hopefully) about the castle and a ton of photos to come, as well, but for now, enjoy my first panorama shot. The trees were all so lovely with their different colors, I had to try to get some decent shots to stitch together. I found a program to do it for me that is ridiculously easy and now I wish I’d taken more shots to use in panoramas! (I’d recommend clicking through to Flickr and checking out the large view to get the proper effect.)

7 thoughts on “Time Trials

  1. That’s beautiful!
    With the time change just happening last weekend in America, I was taking advantage of the hour less time difference we had with them for that one week with phone calls 😉

    • The time difference really does make it hard to get phone calls made! I tend to think about them first thing in the morning — when it’s the worst possible time! My parents, on the other hand tend to think about it around noon their time — just when we’re starting to get dinner prepped. Thank goodness for e-mail!

  2. I didn’t know it was coming, so was confused when I saw the computer clock. My second thought was to wonder if the clocks changed the same day in the US: they sometimes don’t which leads to endless fun coordinating meetings…

    • I was glad there was only a week’s difference between when we changed and the US changed. I remember past years when it seemed to take weeks for everyone to be back on the same time schedule and it just got so confusing trying to work out appropriate times to call or expect calls.

  3. The grounds of the castle are the sight of the annual Elf Fantasy fair. This is a big convention like event where all kinds of fantasy enthusiasts gather… There is Live action roleplaying so there are lot’s and lot’s of people in weird and interesting outfits… could be interesting photo-wise

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