Foto Vrijdag 1.3

This is a partial shot of a series of three sculptural figures over at the nearby Griftpark. The sculptures — Drei Grosse Figuren (Three Large Figures) — are by German artist Thomas Schütte. They’re one of the many bits of sculpture that seem to pop up in random places throughout the city. The Griftpark itself is a former industrial area that was transformed into a nice park. The three figures seem somehow appropriate.

8 thoughts on “Foto Vrijdag 1.3

  1. LOL, I looked at that photo and thought, “Why did Allison put a Happy Meal flamingo on that statue?” Cooper got a flamingo in his meal the other day that looks just like it! 😀

  2. Orlando rocks!

    Hey Alison, is there anything going on in Utrecht on Tueday? My friend is visiting from NYC and I want to show him around. But I’m still sort of a tourist myself, haha! Any recommendations?

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