A Horse Is A HHHorse

Yesterday, while going through my Google Reader listings (handy for keeping track of lots of websites without having to remember to visit each and every one) I saw a news story with the title: Horse genome unlocked by science.

I know the word genome; I know how to pronounce it. However, now that I’m trying to learn Dutch, words that were once familiar take on a whole new life. In this case, I read the word genome as if it were a Dutch word, giving it the Dutch pronunciation. Not totally surprising since there are a number of Dutch words starting with the letters ge-. Of course, when you factor in the throat-clearing sound of the letter G in Dutch, things get even more silly. Even now, I can’t look at the word genome without wanting to pronounce it the Dutch way. I guess the language is slowly taking over my brain.

Now, if only I could pronounce the G as beautifully as the tour guide we had at the Nationaal Museum van Speelklok tot Pierement. His Gs were poetry!