Links 234

I’ve not got too much to say today, since the past few days have been little more than me wrestling with Dreamweaver as I try to build a website for my editing service. Plus, despite my ability to ramble on here about next to nothing, I find it difficult to write about myself, particularly in regards to selling myself. And describing my editing services? Oy. I suspect I need to say a bit more than, “You write it; I’ll make it better.”

So since I have nothing of interest to say, I’ll just direct you to this link for a recipe by my Dutch cooking guru, Kay from Kayotic Kitchen. She posted this recipe for ham, cheese and chicory (endive) rolls served atop mashed potatoes. I saw the recipe this morning and knew immediately what we’d be having for dinner tonight. I’ve made endive wrapped in ham, topped with a cheese sauce before, but with today’s rainy, cold weather, this just sounded perfect and comforting. I highly recommend checking out her site. I’ve linked to some of her recipes before, because every single dish we’ve tried has been a winner.