Things We Learn at the Potdeksel

Who says you can’t learn anything in a bar! We headed over to the Potdeksel last evening for an aperitif before dinner, since Merian and René were there (and we had no St. Maarten’s candy). While there, the subject of tongue-twisters seemed to come up and Kris suggested that if we can learn the following, we’ll have an automatic pass through the inburgering exam — or at least the Potdeksel inburgering exam.

De kotsende koetsier, poetst kostelijk. De niks kostende potsierlijke postkoets uit een plotsklaps plaatselijk klotsende emmer.

No, I haven’t memorized it, nor do I quite understand it all — nor I am sure I want to from what I do understand. But I’m determined to memorize it, just because.

Kris is also a Feyenoord fan, so this little song was passed along to us:

Hand in hand, kameraden.
Hand in hand, voor Feyenoord 1.
Geen woorden maar daden,
Leven Feyenoord 1!!!

We then learned a dirty version, but I’ll save that for another time. 😉

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