Foto Vrijdag 1.4

This is a detail from one of my favorite sculptures here in town. It’s such a quiet, solitary setting and the sculpture fits the environment so perfectly. I saw the man quietly contemplating the trees when I first came upon him, during a walk with Pippo. I thought it was lovely. Then I saw the rest of the sculpture and felt a kinship.

With a bit of searching I found some info about the sculpture. It was made in 1957 and is called De Spoetnikkijker (The Sputnik Watcher). It was moved to this location (near the Sonnenborgh Observatory) in October 2007. Old photos show that the dog used to have its back to the man.

7 thoughts on “Foto Vrijdag 1.4

  1. Heh. It’s funny what you can come across when watching The Nanny!

    Thanks for the nice comments about the foto vrijdag entries. Much appreciated! I hope you have a good weekend, too, despite the gloomy weather. I’m hoping the rain stops in time for Sinterklaas’ arrival.

  2. And thank you! 😉

    I am assuming this at the moment that you have not yet experienced the intocht (arrival) of Sinterklaas? If so, this is fun to see for the first time, even if we are big kids 😉 Even if just for the treats/candy! I’ll most likely be away from blogging until sometime in the beginning/middle of December, while I’m away, so I want to wish you now as well a happy Thanksgiving & hope you have fun with the Sinterklaas experience! Groetjes!

    • We were here for the intocht last year, but didn’t realize what was going on until after the fact, so I would like to see it properly this year. We did have a proper Sinterklaas celebration with friends last year, though, with poems and silly gifts and a huge bowl of pepernoten.

      Have a great trip and enjoy every moment of it all!

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