The Arrival

Sinterklaas arrived in the Netherlands from Spain today. We headed over to see his arrival, along with seemingly half the population of Utrecht. He’s a popular man with screaming fans.

Zwarte Piet was also in attendance, seemingly in record numbers. There were boatloads of them! Maybe Spain’s unemployment numbers will drop after this month! 😉

6 thoughts on “The Arrival

  1. Oh my, So you went all out for Sint Nicolaas! Well it will take some time for me, btw 6 Euro for pumpkin puree! Aye, well I am going to try and make my own. I will keep you posted. Are you doing Thanksgiving?

  2. We’ll probably do a scaled-down Thanksgiving this year. We did the full thing last year for some Dutch friends. I think it will just be the two of us this year (the full turkey is also unbelievably expensive), so we’ll just do a part of a turkey. I’ll probably make cornbread dressing and pecan pie, though, just because I’ve been in the mood for some. Good luck with your own Thanksgiving plans! I hope it’s as well-received as ours was last year.

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