Cow Dung

As my sore throat and cough have now progressed to sinus misery, I figure now is a good time to discuss something that I probably wouldn’t be able to smell at the moment!

G and I have noticed that on certain days, when the wind blows from a certain direction, there’s a faint smell of manure in the air. It’s not that bad nor is it overwhelming; it’s just there in the background. M & R think we’re insane. I think they’re just too used to it to notice. Our buitenlander noses aren’t immune.

There are quite a lot of cows here in the Netherlands. In fact, the well-known black and white Holstein cows come from the Netherlands. With all those cows comes a lot of manure. Fortunately, it’s now being put to good use. It seems the manure is being turned into a bio-gas that will run a thermal plant’s gas turbines, providing heat for homes near the plant. A plant in Leeuwarden (birthplace of Mata Hari, by the way) is one of the plants to be using this new energy source, and will be providing heat to 1100 homes.

I could make jokes about going “brown” or references to heat sources, but I won’t.


10 thoughts on “Cow Dung

  1. Haha, “going brown”. That’s a good one! I went to college in Lubbock, Texas. When we weren’t enduring those freaky red dust storms, the wind was performing it’s other favorite cruel joke. Blowing just right so that the manure scent from the stock yards came right into town. There was nothing faint about it at all, it was enough to make you lock yourself indoors and cry for your momma! Pheww!

    • I’ve driven past chicken and pig farms before and I’m just lucky I never got a ticket for speeding, because the smell was definitely something to get away from as quickly as possible! But then, I suspect few cops would want to hang out in that area waiting for speeders. πŸ˜‰ At least I could leave the area, though.

  2. right on.

    sometimes i walk out of the office- which is near the van gogh museum btw- and smell the faintest trace of cow shit in the air.

    kid. you. not.

    the dutchies think i’m an idiot. i’m not.

    they are immune. it’s true. and it’s real πŸ™‚

  3. I’d take the cow pooh smell over the place where they send dead animals to be disposed of. *shivers*

    I hope you feel better! I have a sore throat but my body aches have gone away. I’m keeping my fingers crossed my sinuses don’t get all clogged up.

  4. Hi Alison. I came across your blog through 3ContinentFamily’s blog. I’m currently living vicariously through both your blogs because my past life use to bring me to Holland every summer (for vacation). My mother is originally from Holland and she still has family there. I haven’t been back to Holland since 1986 and I miss it terribly. There are to smells that remind me of being “home”. The cow smell of course and then freshly cut grass always reminded me of PA (where I reside now). I’m still catching up on your blog and wanted to introduce myself.

    • Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment. I’m glad I can help provide a bit of vicarious Dutch entertainment and nostalgia for you, along with Kerryanne. I still have certain smell associations and such that remind me of visits to England and Scotland to visit my mother’s family there, so I can certainly understand how you feel. I hope you get to come back here some day and refresh your memories!

  5. Sorry, I meant to say living vicariously through your blog and Kerryanne’s blog since you both live in Holland. And to think English is my primary language

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