Foto Vrijdag 1.5

I’ve inadvertently been focusing on various sculptures and statues around town for the past few weeks of Foto Vrijdag entries, so I figured this week I’d intentionally continue the theme with one of the most famous statues here in town. It’s Thinker on a Rock, by Welsh artist Barry Flanagan. There are other versions in cities in the US. We got our version in 2002. He sits facing Neude square, at the end/beginning of Voorstraat. Really, how can you not love this symbol of a free thinker!

Free Good Music

One of my favorite bands, The Phoenix Foundation, is releasing an EP on December 7, to tide us over while we wait for their next full-length album to come out sometime next year. To tide us over until December 7, they’ve released a free download of a song off the new EP. You can get it here: