Rainy Day

I like rain. I like rainy days. But even I have my moments of wanting to rant and rail against the incessant rain. Today is one of those days, especially when I look at the five-day forecast and see only more rain ahead.

For some reason, when we left to go grocery shopping this afternoon, we didn’t take any umbrellas, despite the fact that it’s been raining throughout most of the day. The brief respite seemed to trigger some sort of devil-may-care attitude and we blithely set off with nary an umbrella. Stupid, stupid us.

It started to sprinkle just as we arrived at the store, but when we walked out, it wasn’t really raining at all. Sadly, that changed drastically and quickly. Big, heavy rain drops started to pour down on us. My freshly washed and dried hair was a wet mop in moments. Rain was pouring down my face and blinding me at times. On top of that, I was wearing my newly purchased jeans which seem to be that little bit too big. I’m going to need a belt for them, but in the meantime I was having to hitch them up every few steps. I kept trying to laugh it all off, but I was pretty damn grumpy by the time I got home.

Pajamas are on (comfort!), hair is dried (for the second time today), and I’ve got a warm cat on each side of me. I’m glad I don’t have to go out in that mess again today. Hopefully, I’ve learned my lesson and will take an umbrella with me in the future.

4 thoughts on “Rainy Day

  1. Oh I hear ya! THE RAIN! Aye the rain. I was laughing just reading you write about it! I am with ya. I also just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I am doing my best to whip up the traditional meal! A challenge but I WILL do it! Have a wonderful holiday!

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