Cold But Dry

I’ve been going through some of my older photos and came across this one taken last November. Last year, the weather was a fair bit colder, but also quite a bit drier, from what I remember. This year has been the opposite; relatively warm, but very very wet. We have the muddy shoe and paw prints across our floor today to prove it. I wouldn’t mind a few days of cold but dry right about now. Just long enough to dry out. My jeans this morning were still damp from yesterday’s soaking!

3 thoughts on “Cold But Dry

    • I know. I could cry! I was just lamenting to some friends in the US that it’s days like this that I miss being able to just hop in my car and go grocery shopping, with everything in one place. We need to head out soon to a couple of shops to try to find everything for tomorrow. Hopefully we won’t get too soaked!

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