On Guard

When we adopted Lola, the youngest of our pet menagerie, we were living in North Carolina on close to an acre of land on a corner lot surrounded by tree. As a result, there was little more than squirrels to see when looking out the window. Now, though, living in the city center of Utrecht, in the typical Dutch home that sits right on the sidewalk, there’s plenty for Lola to see as she hangs out in our front window. (The fact that one of the radiators is located under the front window ledge also tends to entice both of our cats to the window.) As a result of this new living environment, we’ve discovered that Lola is quite the guard cat — or guard dog in cat clothing.

She’s quite firm in her discussions with the local cats who try to trespass on her windowsill. In fact, any neighborhood cat who even dares to walk within her eyesight gets a stern — and at times, hysterical — talking to. This morning was one of those occasions. One of the neighboring cats dared to hop onto the sill on the outside of the front window. Even worse, he just hung around, even after she told him to go! Lola didn’t waver, though, and kept up her diatribe, eventually convincing the other cat to get off her property! I couldn’t help but imagine her as a little gun-toting, North Carolina redneck yelling at a trespasser to “git”. “We shoot trespassers where I’m from,” she almost seems to say. 😉

4 thoughts on “On Guard

  1. Good ole American Lola! What a good guard Kitty BTW love your Tree! I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season. All the Best


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