Do you know where this is in Utrecht? I do, and as a result, I won today’s round of Waar In Utrecht (Where In Utrecht), a daily game to see who can recognize random spots around town. If you know the day’s location, and have a Twitter account, you can send in your answer. I won for being the first person to send in the correct answer, but there will be another drawing today from the other correct entries. The prize is a Waar In Utrecht calendar for 2010.

I took this photo last year, but happened to be by the spot again this past Sunday on the way home from the kerstmarkt. As a winner of the contest, I had to send in my own submission. It was hard choosing. Would the one I chose be too hard or would it be too easy? I narrowed my choice down to two or three pictures, and debated the merits of each, before finally choosing one. Hopefully, it’s not too easy. Of course, what I think is easy, others may find hard (I said hard), and vice versa. I’m just happy to have finally recognized a spot!

Wow! It turns out that not only was I the fastest to answer, I was the only one to answer today (at least correctly).

WaarInUtrecht#WiU-54 De snelste goede inzender is ook de enige goede inzender! @AliBess wint op alle fronten. Juiste antwoord: Korte/Lange Nieuwstraat.

The funny thing is that it actually ties in with one of my recent Foto Vrijdag entries. This carving is right there next to De Rechtebank. In this photo, you can just see the carving on the far left, while the fence is the same fence the Rechtebank terrace sits behind.

3 thoughts on “Winner

  1. I think it’s awesome that you won 🙂 I wonder if we have a game like that here in Arnhem? Not that I would win anything. On my list of self-improvement things for 2010 (it sounds better than ‘resolutions’) is to really get to know Arnhem more. I mean how can I promote it if I don’t know anything about it, right?

    Anyway, great job!

    • It really is a cool idea, isn’t it! I found it just by looking up Utrecht on Twitter, so you never know what you might find. Or you could start your own version and just make it a quiz (without prizes) for people to guess the location as you get to know Arnhem.

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