New Year’s Detritus

New Year's Detritus
I’m going to attempt Project365 this year, in which I take a photo every day. There are some groups where you take a photo of the same object every day, but I couldn’t decide on one item that I would want to photograph every single day. I’m hoping to at least get out and photograph something around the city every day, but for those days when I know I just won’t be able to, at least I can get a photo around the house.

I had a couple of nice shots of the cathedral today (maybe those will show up in future Foto Vrijdag entries), but in the end, I decided to go with this one, which seemed appropriate somehow. It was taken in the walkway beneath the Domtoren and shows one of the many piles of the wrappers leftover from the fireworks that went off all over the city last night. Plus, there’s the ubiquitous bicycle in the background. It’s not a Dutch photo without a bicycle!

I would have liked to have gotten a slightly different angle — lower perhaps — or a bit more focus on the wrappers themselves, but I had Pippo with me, as always, and he was restless. Plus, to be honest, it was quite breezy there, and the day was cold enough as it was!

4 thoughts on “New Year’s Detritus

  1. It looks a lot like the day-after here in Maatricht as well: the Dutch seem to prefer having everyone shoot off fireworks for an hour rather than a municipal display. The result is thrilling: stand on a bridge and there are fireworks going off in every direction for about an hour at midnight. Amazing to see.

    Best wishes to you and your family and friends for a promising and happy new year!

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