Foto Vrijdag 2.1

Amsterdam may have all the shopping and Chipotle Tabasco, but Utrecht has the best Gothic cathedral in the whole of the country! Utrecht does more with half a church than any other city does with a whole one!

4 thoughts on “Foto Vrijdag 2.1

  1. Nice photo!! I really must get back to Utrecht one day, I have only been there once, believe it or not! That was almost 10 years ago. We went to a little Italian restaurant down below by the canal in the city center. It was so good.

    Yes, I will make that one of my missions for 2010, to get to Utretcht!

    • I can’t talk. We never go anywhere. I think I’ve been to Amsterdam twice since moving here and both times were short, specific visits. But I do highly recommend another visit to Utrecht. It’s a lovely city and easily viewed without a lot of hassle.

      I’m determined to see a bit more of the country this year, too!

  2. Impressive! It is indeed….. the best church I’ve seen in the NL! (I was thinking hard there for a moment!) You caught a very nice angle.
    Oh by all means, I think it’s a great idea to start moving around a little! I’ve been doing that for the past two years and I’ve discovered lots of very interesting places in Holland!

  3. I think the whole “oud centrum” of Utrecht is very Gothic. And please please please start visiting more cities and villages in Holland in order to get a picture of the country. In all parts I have visited you see the architecture is very well preserved. If walls could talk…

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