Hot Dogs

In the category of things that are just that little bit different here, I think hot dogs earn a spot. They do have them here, which is nice, since I have the occasional craving for them. You can even buy pairs of them in buns, ready to microwave, in the packaged fresh food section of the grocery store. Oddly enough, regular hot dog buns are slightly harder to find, though. But it’s the regular hot dogs themselves that are the slightly odd part. It’s not the taste. They taste quite normal; I guess it’s that original American recipe they follow. What’s odd is that they come in cans.

For those not from the US, hot dogs there usually come in vacuum-packed packages. Here, they come in cans. There are quite a few varieties of canned hot dogs/sausages/worst to be found in the shops here. I’ve bought the hot dog & bun ready-to-go packs in the past, but today I got up the nerve to buy the canned ones. There was just something vaguely off-putting about canned hot dogs, when it’s not at all how I’m used to them. Fortunately, they were just fine — I figured they would be, since I assumed the ones I usually bought probably came from a can, too — and I used them to make this recipe for my dinner tonight when I couldn’t find the other ingredients I wanted at the store.

So yeah, canned hot dogs. Just one of those small differences that make you think, “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.”

15 thoughts on “Hot Dogs

    • Thanks! The photos were a bit last minute. 😉

      Beans are often sold in glass jars here, which is a bit different from the cans they usually come in in the US. Somehow jars seem better than cans. Thanks for sharing a bit about Portugal. It’s always interesting to find out these little differences from country to country.

  1. Yes, it’s strange to see hot dogs in tins! :o) I loved the quote at the end!
    I see that you have a tin of kidney beans behind the hot dogs. I also find it funny that they mix languages: Kidney bonen :o) But I guess “nier bonen” doesn’t sound quite right either hehe

    • Good ol’ Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz. A perfect summation to the whole post!

      Ah, the kidney bonen are for a pot of chili I’ll be making today. I hadn’t thought about the name discrepancy, but you’re right! Hee! It’s always interesting to see what gets changed in a language and what becomes more universally used.

    • The hot dog rolls were great! Definitely give them a try. I used jong belegen cheese slices, since that was what we already had on hand, but I think I’d use a stronger flavored cheese (or just more of it) in the future, since the cheese got kind of lost. The cheese Kay used in the recipe might be better in this case, depending on how gooey it gets. The gooeyer the better!

  2. Hot dogs are usually sold in a can back home in Gibraltar, though you can sometimes find them sold in vacuum-packed packages too. Either way, those hot dogs above look much more edible than rookworst and most of the other worsts they sell here. o_0

  3. Gosh I can not stand the hot dogs time I paid alot of money for a can that was labeled “American” that should of been the first warning..most things here that are labeled like that taste horrible and the 2nd warning should of been that they were in a can..never had canned hot dogs until I came here. I wont buy them

    • I can only attest to the ones I bought from AH, but I didn’t think they tasted that bad. In fact, I thought they tasted a lot like the ones I remember from the US. Maybe it’s just been a while or I’m not that picky! 😀 Sorry to hear you didn’t like them.

  4. I am in Angola, which provides mainly Portuguese grocery products. Hot dogs in a can or jar so far has been one of the most foreign items that I have seen. It is funny that some of the expats here have tried really different and odd foods, but are afraid of the canned hot dog. Well…I am going to try it out! Thanks for the post. I was “googling” canned/jarred hot dogs to see how they were from others perspectives before I brought them home. Glad you made this post, although it is from several years ago. Thanks!

    • I’m glad my old post is still useful! I guess “exotic” foods are easier to try than things that you’re only used to one certain way, since you go in with no real expectations. 🙂 Enjoy!

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