Foto Vrijdag 2.2

Even I’m starting to miss the warmer, sunny days. At least the temperatures are supposed to rise this weekend, so maybe the icy sidewalks will finally disappear. I’ll happily settle for that!

(Lepelenburg Park last August during the student initiation days.)

12 thoughts on “Foto Vrijdag 2.2

    • Thanks, Isabelle! So far the warmer temperatures haven’t appeared, but I’m holding out hope! Ik wens je ook een prettig weekend! Misschien een beetje zon!

  1. Nice pic..Me missing the sun too!! The snow has melted here in Rotterdam considerably, as a result the pavements have become very slippery..Have to be literally “on my toes” everytime I take a step forward.

    • Same here. I’ve been walking around eyeing ever patch of sidewalk and road where I’m about to step! Unfortunately, I ended up slipping finally last night and landed hard on the knee I hurt last spring. I was so hoping not to fall at all! I hope you have better luck!

  2. What a lovely photo – but most of all, what a lovely sky!! Ahh summer!! :o)
    I was in Groningen yesterday, and it really looked a lot like Siberia!
    There’s still plenty of snow here in Zwolle, too. I hope we get to see some sun this weekend. Have a good one!

    • It didn’t get as warm as I thought it was supposed to yesterday, so all the mushy snow had turned back into very slippery ice. Scary! I’m really hoping today does warm up a bit more. We don’t have enough snow left to be pretty!

  3. Happy New Year πŸ™‚
    Just got back to Cheese Land and am going through my reader while dealing with jet lag…

    Lovely pics! I got a chuckle from your hotdog post…so odd.

    • The area where I take my dog out was like an ice rink yesterday, and when I saw that we’d had more snow last evening before I went to bed, I was starting to freak out. But this morning all the snow was gone and everything is walkable again. It’s such a relief! Now if only it wasn’t so overcast and the sun would come out just a little! I can’t wait for the longer hours of light!

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