Equal Rights On Display

Reason #482 for why I like living here in the Netherlands: Window displays like this are both possible and acceptable.

While walking home from the Hoog Catharijne shopping center today, I passed by this window display for a menswear store. At first, I thought nothing of it really. I fully support gay rights and certainly don’t see why same-sex couples shouldn’t be allowed to marry. The fact that the Netherlands was the first country to allow same-sex marriage makes me happy to be here. What made me stop to take the picture was the fact that this kind of window display would be considered outrageous, political and daring just about anywhere in the United States. How sad. I look forward to the day when this kind of window display could show up anywhere and not turn heads or raise tempers. Same-sex marriages should be viewed as normal and as commonplace as heterosexual marriages.

Plus, the embroidered “Just Married” on the shirt collar is kind of cool.

13 thoughts on “Equal Rights On Display

  1. I love this about the Netherlands too… what a great idea to have that in the shop. Good on them!

    I’m going to share this on my Facebook, I have lots of expat friends on there and they’ll love to see it too I’m sure!

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  3. Nice that you made a post about it. I have heard from a Brazilian girl yesterday that she made a presentation at her Dutch language school about gay rights in Holland. She was positive about it – what ended up infuriating one of her male colleagues from Russia. He is not even talking to her anymore.

  4. this is not just an example of gay marriage. It is an example of gay manikin marriage and they have to over come a lot more problems. There are a lot of anti-manikin people out there.

    Joking aside, I agree with you.

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