Foto Vrijdag 2.3

An older photo (September 2009, the weekend of the Uitfeest), but considering some of the overcast weather we’ve been having, it seems appropriate. This was taken on Nachtegaalstraat (Nightingale Street). There are some interesting shops and buildings along the street, although my favorite Piet & Pien is no longer there.

10 thoughts on “Foto Vrijdag 2.3

  1. That’s a typical Dutch sky, isn’t it – dramatically overcast. Very nice view of the roofs against the sky.
    Have a nice day! I hope you get to see some of the sun today!

    • We really do get some stunning skies here sometimes. I did get to get out and enjoy some of the nicer weather today! Hopefully tomorrow’s forecast of rain is wrong. Prettig weekend!

  2. I’m there all the time and boy, do I miss Piet and Pien 😦 Got all gifts there for friends and family.

    There are a few really lovely specialty food shops.

    Lovely shot!

    • I was so sad that they closed. I kept hoping they were just moving. There are so many great little shops down there. There’s another one — the name of which has escaped me — that’s a bit further down by the Maliebaan, with fun dishes and other odds and ends.

    • The clouds were fantastic on their own, and in fact, I have another shot just like this with only the cone/spire in the bottom corner. I always have such a hard time deciding which of the two shots I like the most!

    • I’ve always enjoyed the way that a dark cloudy sky can make objects really stand out even more, be they buildings (in this case) or dogwood blooms (which I used to enjoy at our last house in the US). Perhaps the thrill of the impending storm can add to the vibrancy of the moment.

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